Monday, November 18, 2013

Big News for 2014 Lost Lake!

Hope you are all enjoying the fall and that winter recovery is underway. We're already looking forward to the 2014 edition of the Lost Lake 50k...our 6th year!! The date for 2014 is May 10th. Signup will be available on by the end of this month.

Ready for the big news?!

This year we're introducing the Lost Lake 25k!

That's right, 25k of the same punishing terrain and beautiful Pacific Northwest forest for your enjoyment. More details to come.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 Results

This year was a success and from the looks of it, everyone had fun.  I want to thank everyone for coming out to this year to the 2013 edition of Lost Lake.  I hope everyone will come join us again next year.

The results are in. Let me know if there is anything that needs to be changed.

2013 Lost Lake Results
Place Time Bib First Last Gender Age
1st M 5:24:07 140 Matt Koenigs M 32
2nd M 5:30:46 155 Jon-Erik Jardine M 23
3rd M 5:54:12 166 Jeff McQueen M 46
4th M 6:03:49 152 Mitch Elias M 24
5th M 6:05:29 145 Kent Ford M 26
6th M 6:06:27 135 Cyrus Bernard M 31
1st F 6:34:07 178 Gwen Scott F 46
7th M 6:36:18 149 Daryl Funk M 44
8th M 6:39:34 187 Charles Yuen M 43
2nd F 6:44:58 169 Meghan Molnar F 31
3rd F 6:44:58 184 Katie Wadden F 26
9th M 6:44:58 156 Matt Jarrett M 33
10th M 6:51:12 176 Michel Roberge M 55
11th M 6:55:58 174 Jean-Gael Reboul M 37
12th M 6:57:56 139 Mischa Burnett M 40
13th M 7:06:07 137 Christopher Brosell M 35
Finisher 7:15:33 171 Suzanne Nester F 47
4th F 7:15:58 133 Megan Hall F 23
14th M 7:15:59 162 Tho Le M 32
15th M 7:22:27 180 Shark Six M 34
5th F 7:26:58 173 Van Phan F 42
16th M 7:41:36 165 Glen Mangiantini M 55
17th M 7:43:27 150 Cassidy Hood M 36
18th M 7:43:28 151 Gus Hood M 36
6th F 7:48:44 158 Micaela Jensen F 44
19th M 7:54:47 148 Thomas Frizelle M 36
7th F 7:59:31 185 Lisa Wood F 40
20th M 8:12:08 134 Brice Benard M 40
8th F 8:17:23 136 Rikki Bogue F 49
9th F 8:20:17 131 Mary Aiwohi F 54
10th F 8:26:49 143 Erin Earle F 41
11th F 8:32:54 138 Tracy Brown F 51
21st M 8:34:05 164 Mike Mahanay M 57
22nd M 8:44:05 130 Matthew Abel M 41
12th F 8:45:12 154 Lisa Hurley F 50
23rd M 8:51:21 142 David Dutton M 56
13th F 8:54:31 172 Heidi Perry F 42
14th F 9:03:20 160 Patti Krebsbach F 50
24th M 9:03:21 186 Steven Yee M 53
25th M 9:05:22 181 James Sparks M 66
15th F 9:06:03 167 Leslie Miller F 33
26th M 9:10:35 157 William Jennings M 24
16th F 9:23:23 146 Rachel Fouladi F 45
17th F 9:58:17 177 Betsy Rogers F 49

Sweep 3 Jamie Kaizer F  
  Sweep 1 Huzimi Nakai M  
  Sweep 2 Jeremy Peyers M  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Race Shirt Update


Sign up for the Lost Lake 50k by Sunday April 7th to receive one of our awesome Race Ready *singlets* FREE with your race registration! This year we are excited to raise the bar even higher and not only give you top quality American Made tech singlets by Race Ready, but also innovative, highly reflective printing by!

You will love these things...Promise! So sign up now, before it's too late.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to the Lost Lake 50k

The Lost Lake 50K will hold its 5th annual trail race on Saturday May 11th, 2013 at the base of Chuckanut Mountain. This course is not only scenic, but will be quite challenging as well. The 8,200 feet of elevation gain will melt away when you see the San Juan Islands to the west, the Skagit farmlands to the south, the town of Bellingham and Canadian mountains to the north, and amazing views of Mt. Baker and North Cascades to the East. Surrounded by lush old-growth forests (where you would expect to run into Bigfoot), runners will pass by Fragrance and Lost Lakes. These lakes are only a few of the many treasures along the way. On a clear day, no trail description could ever do justice to the true beauty of this area where the Cascades plunge into the ocean. There are several challenging, leg-burning, steep ascents, slow, technical, rolling ridges, and a limited supply of fast "free speed" on the descents.

Whether you're considering trail running for the first time or are an experienced ultra runner, we promise you a rewarding experience in a beautiful environment. While awards are given to the top three female and male finishers, this event is designed to encourage the enjoyment of trail running and emphasize personal achievement.

UltraRunning Magazine:Report, results and photos will be published in UltraRunning Magazine following the event. Go to to subscribe.